November 16, 2011


November 16, 2011


We are having our monthly Free WOD this Saturday at 9 AM. Bring a friend!

The Boy/Girl Challenge has sold out and the wait list is closed. Post to comments if you registered and reveal your team name. I would like to see how many teams we have so we can plan some partner WODs.

Lastly, it's a sad time at CFVB, as we are losing Cameron. He's headed back to his motherland. Cameron's leaves Saturday, so we are going out for a farewell drink at Waldo's immediately following the 6 PM Friday class. Join us and say "adieu" to our favorite Canadian.

Cameron at FGB 5

Workout of the Day:


Five rounds for time –
3 rope climbs
10 toes to bar
21 steps, overhead walking lunge 45/25
400 m run

21 Responses

  1. John Y

    Cameron I am sorry to see you leave, it was a lot of fun going head to head with you. Good luck in the cold North.

  2. joePT

    Patty Howard and Joe J. – we are team “Bitch – that was a rep!” …. bringing the heat in the (gasp) masters division!
    CFVB is losing a great friend and crossfitter, a real inspiration to all – Cameron. At least we will have a tour guide when we visit Montreal! Gonna miss ya’ Kanuck!

  3. Brenda

    Tiffany and Taylor team T~N~T can’t wait to see our teens give it there all 🙂
    Cameron we will miss you 🙁 we need more7:00 pm inspiration to push us to our limit.

  4. Jennifer Budde

    Team Nutty Buddy will be in the Masters
    Cameron, I am really going to miss you !
    I haven’t laughed so hard as I did that day you did the prowler . Sorry
    I never got to cook you meat Pizza! Def going to
    visit you in Canada. Hope to make it Friday night but if not
    I wish you all the best.

  5. Debbie D

    Boo hiss! We are losing a good friend and another drama wodder 🙂 a sad day indeed. Will be there for the sendoff.

  6. Rach

    Dan and rachel…I don’t know what dan named us but we will be tearing it up in rx..I’ll be there friday cam! Il miss you

  7. Wow! We’ve got a lot of teams. Jesse and Melibe signed up, too…so that’s 11 teams total! This is going to be fun.
    We will definitely feel a void in the gym when Cameron is gone. 🙁

  8. kristi

    We will miss you Cameron 🙂 I don’t know too many Canadians but now I can say I know a really great one!
    Loving these team names! CFVB is gonna tear it up!!!!!

  9. melibe

    The Little Engineers That Could – Mel and Jesse Davis – Rx division (gulp!)
    Cameron – Keep in touch b/c I have another friend in Montreal it would be fun to visit and ride! (snowboard or bike) 🙂

  10. Cameron

    You bet! Thanks everyone, and good luck at the BGI challenge! For the FB abstainers, I’m at