November 10, 2017

2 Rounds of:
:30 Air bike
5 External Obliques opener variation with leg raises
5 Tempo goblet squat

3 sets of:
5 Front squats @ 75%
7 Sandbag squats
10 Steps, double kettlebell walking lunge (KBs in front rack)

3 sets of:
8 Dual Dumbbell Prone Row
5 Strict barbell press
:30 Handstand hold

3 sets of:
5 each side kettlebell turkish sit-up
:30 Plank left
:30 Plank left


Ragnar Relay

Best of luck to our members who are on a Ragnar Relay team this weekend. They are: Flynn Fidgeon, Chelsea Fidgeon, Jason Nance, Kim Nance, Vinnie Burke, Molly Shambo, Chuck Sullivan and Carlo Marques.

The relay runs from Melbourne Beach to Miami Beach for around 200 miles. We know you all will have a great time!

Anyone interested in all the details can find them here:

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