New Year’s Eve!


New Year’s Eve!

AM classes only today – join us a 5, 6, 7 or 9:30 AM.

Have fun tonight and be safe! See you in 2010.


Workout of the Day:

We're crushing this one for John C!


For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

9 Responses

  1. John C

    I still need to come in and knock out 30 more squats to erase the DNF from my November 16th “Angie.” 2 more weeks until I can start back on the road to recovery. I am actually having dreams of doing crossfit workouts, so I know I am healing. Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing everyone soon.

  2. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    Angie your brutal ain’t it time we said goodbye! John it is good to hear from you and we can’t wait until your back. Diane & Bryan how is your granddaughter? Everyone have a great New Year’s Eve and I am with Wendy on this please be safe.

  3. Diane Blais

    Hey John, I know for a fact you will be back doing Angie again. Good to hear from you, we will all be waiting for the day you come back into the gym. Continue to heal and you will get stronger every day.
    I am a grandmother for the third time to a 8lb 12oz little girl born yesterday the 30th on my birthday, what a great present!!
    I am sorry I missed Angie today, I was all set to come in until I didn’t get any sleep last night, my 3 yr old granddaughter kept me up most of the night.
    Happy New Year to everyone!!


    F Angie and Eva lets leave both dem freaks back in 2009! Who needs them….. Have a Happy New Year Crossfit gang!!! Be safe see you in 2010

  5. Diane – congrats! You will have to make up Angie because Rachel knocked you off the reocrd board!
    Sib – I’m with you…those bitches can take a hike.
    John – 2010 is going to be great. Can’t wait to see you back in.
    Rob – quit bragging!

  6. Diane Blais

    Hey Rob, when your good, your good, brag on dude!!!!
    Watch out Rachel, I’m getting ready to do Angie, are you scared yet??? lol