New Year Nutrition Challenge

We are excited to announce a New Year Nutrition Challenge that will run from January 1st – January 31st, 2017.

Start the New Year off right with a group nutrition challenge! This challenge will be one month of dedicating yourself to improving your nutrition

and health as you work towards your goals.The Challenge will be led by McKenzie, who is the consulting dietitian for Vero Beach Strength and Conditioning.

During this challenge:

*Learn and develop new habits

*Make dietary changes to improve your lifestyle

*Private one-on-one mini assessment with McKenzie with recommended macros

and tips to help you reach your goals

*One month of group support via online forum to discuss progress and check-in for accountability, motivation, questions and answers, and more.

How to participate:

  • Sign up at the gym by December 28. The cost is $100 per person. Please pay at the gym (we will charge your credit card on file on the

    29th) .

  • During the month of December, log three day’s worth of a typical day’s diet for you. You may use MyFitnessPal, MyMacros, or

    other tracking apps to input your day’s diet. Please see McKenzie

    at the gym if you have any questions as to how to track and input your food and drinks prior to starting the challenge on January 1st.

  • By January 1st, you will share your 3 days worth (they do not have to be consecutive) to McKenzie via email
  • **If tracking with MyFitnessPal, you can connect with McKenzie as friends, so she can view your days on there. Just be sure to email her which of the 3 days you would like her to use for your assessment. Another way to share is to simply screen shot and email the photos to McKenzie. Make sure photos include the foods and daily total macros (carbs, fats, and

    protein) for each of the 3 days.

  • On Friday January 6th, everyone will receive via email his or her personal recommended macros based on goals (weight loss, weight

    gain, maintenance, etc. keeping in mind performance and energy goals) plus tips on how to reach those goals. These tips will be based on what you are currently doing now, so you will receive recommended dietary changes to your current diet that can benefit you.

  • We will have a group meeting on Saturday January 7th (9am at Vero Strength + Conditioning) to go over any other questions about the challenge and get us set up with our group forum!
  • The group forum will be an interactive site that allows everybody to share his or her progress, post questions for McKenzie, and help motivate one another! Your personal assessment and information will be in a private email with McKenzie, but the forum will allow everyone to communicate about nutrition for the month!

After the challenge, McKenzie is available for one-on-one nutrition sessions.

If you have any questions, please post to comments here or shoot us an email.

Use this opportunity to kick-start your health and get ready for the CrossFit Games Open season!


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