More Survey Results


More Survey Results

More changes, brought about by the survey:

– Due ot the fact that we are un-airconditioned and a garage style gym, some people were concerned about sweat on the floor, bars, etc. In order to help with the cleanliness, we've ordered and are installing liquid sanitizer and paper towel dispensers. So, be nice to those who WOD after you and wipe down sweaty mats and equipment.

– Many of you are seeking more nutrition advice. We've always been generous with passing along information and I've even created a "how to" document on Paleo that I distribute at no charge as well as a Paleo message board. For those of you who need more guidance, we can customize a solution that includes services such as body fat testing, goal setting, custom nutrition plans, weekly support, etc. If you are interested in any of these, contact us for pricing.

Workout of the Day:

Five rounds for time of:
15 Power cleans 115/85
21 Pull-ups

11 Responses

  1. john Y.

    Thanks Wendy and Rob for helping me find yet two more HUGE weaknesses this am by doing the VW workout my lower back feels fine but those mussels between my shoulder blades are screaming. Love it. Change is the only constant; Keep up the good work with constantly perfecting VBCF!

  2. Dang, I fell asleep watching that video, was it any good??lol I would much rather have some shape to my arms than those skinny things they had. 3 lbs., give me a break. The only thing we agree on is the sweating part, and we have that going on.
    Tough wod today, all the pull ups. Bethany I hope your hands heal fast, they ripped pretty good today.
    Hey Kelly, how did you do with the hand tape I did for you?

  3. john Y.

    Can’t bet the “Flying butterfly rubber stretchee band thing workout!” It’s the Best. Was it just me or did the trainer look like she had her lips inflated by some kind of air pump?

  4. Mrs. Kanuckles

    The tape worked for the first two rounds then it bunched up. I am a sweaty chica.
    I took them off and did gloves the next two rounds then went to bare hands. No rips, just blisters inside of calluses.
    Thank you though!… I would have ripped without it.

  5. SIB

    I will be there fo sho…. I had about 9 margaritas tonight so take it easy on a craka in the am please…

  6. Chuck

    LOL I like how they were smoking a joking throughout the whole ENTIRE video. Look at their little arms, no deffinition. They got little muffin tops to from to many stretchy band things. This lady is obviously an embarassment to any physical train and hasn’t picked up a book in a long time on how to train people properly.