May 9, 2016

CharityWOD Recap

What a fun and inspiring day! We raised over $3000 for I AM ADAPTIVE and had a great time doing it. It was amazing to see the adaptive athletes throw down with the rest of us. That workout

was tough!

The winners in each division are…
Rx: Bliz (Liz and Bobby Sunkel)
Masters: Tight Buttz & Sweaty Nuttz (Wendy and Bill Westrom)
Scaled: 2 Fast 2 Furious (Han Sun and Nicole McClain)

A huge thanks to Chuck & Stephanie Sullivan for hosting a great party!

CrossFit Vero Beach Charity WOD 2016
CrossFit Vero Beach Charity WOD 2016

Workout of the Day
Barbell warm-up/drills

Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes/6 sets
1 Hang power clean above knee + 1 push jerk
(drop bar)
+ 1 Hang power clean below knee + 1 push jerk

Front Squat
Find your 1 rep max.

2×10 Front Squat @ 50-60% of above

Three sets of:
6 pull ups with 5-second hold at top
8 (each arm) Dumbell row

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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