May 8, 2017

6 x 2 touch and go squat cleans + 2 front squats 60-70%

Alternate barbell:
6 x 2 power cleans from power position + 2 front squats

3 sets of:
10 steps kettlebell front rack lunges (5 each leg)
10 weighted box step ups (5 each leg)
10 back extensions

4 sets of:
100ft suitcase carry (each arm)
:45 side plank left
:45 side plank right

2:00 each side pigeon stretch
1:00 each side couch stretch
2:00 frog stretch

CharityWOD – Standards

Our next big event is CharityWOD on June 10! For those of you wanting to nominate a charity, your deadline is this Friday. For those looking for partners for the workout, here are the standards:

Thrusters: Rx 105/75; Masters 95/65; Scaled: 55/35

Masters and Rx: pull-ups
Scaled: hand-release push-ups

Masters and Rx: burpees over partner
Scaled: burpees to a plate

Everyone: row, ski erg and Assault Bike

If anyone needs a partner, please email me and let me know what division you would like to be in. I am keeping a list and will do my best to match

people up.


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