May 7, 2019

2 sets – 
100 meter run 
5 Pull ups 
5 Push ups 
5 Air squats

For time of:
1600 meter run 
50 Pull ups 
75 Push ups 
100 Air squats 

For time of:
1000 meter run/row 
30 ring/ bar rows 
40 push ups to box 
50 air squats 

3 sets – 
McGill Big 3 
5 each leg : 05 curl up
:20 side plank R/L
10 Alternating bird dogs 

CharityWOD heats are being worked on and will be posted Thursday. In the meantime, please review the team list via the PDF below and make sure your division is correct. Contact me if it is not.

If you still don’t have all of your information in, please send immediately.

Also, no regular classes Saturday, CharityWOD only. Please come out and support! If you aren’t competing and still want to donate, please make checks out to Sunday Strong. Thanks!

New shipment of Victory Grips has arrived!!

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