May 7, 2016

GIt’s Here! CharityWOD and 7th Anniversary Party 

Today is the day. First, we have raised over $2500 for I AM ADAPTIVE!

Here are more details for the day…


No regular classes or yoga today.

We will be at the gym at 7 AM to open it, so don’t plan on being there before 7 AM.

Spectators are welcome.

Teams: please review the movement standards below. We will answer your questions before getting started, but be prepared.

Please be ready to pitch in and judge, change equipment, etc. Also, know what heat you are in and be ready at at the staging area (where you will begin wall balls) 5 minutes before your heat. You can view heats here: 2016 charitywod roster

We plan on wrapping up around 11 AM or so, then the Anniversary Party starts at 1 PM. Please bring a dish to share and BYOB. We will supply pulled

pork, jerk chicken, beer & cider from Orchid Island Brewery and mixers. Prestige Wine Imports/Mike Sanford is providing two cases of wine. Chuck’s address is at the gym.

We are looking forward to a fun day!

CharityWOD Movement Standards/Rules:

  • The workout consists of three stations, each station has a cardio machine and a CrossFit movement. Teams cannot move to the next station until all work at the present station is complete.
  • At 3-2-1, go, both team members are standing at the first station (no medicine ball in hand, off the bikes)
  • Both partners work at the same time at a station. If one partner completes one of the two elements at a station, they can switch back and forth on the remaining movement until the work at that station is complete.
  • Wall Balls: start with a full squat, ends when ball touches at or above the 10′ mark.
  • Shoulder-to-overhead: barbell starts on shoulders and ends with barbell fully locked out overhead (knees, hips and elbows locked out) with head through and feet in line. This can be accomplished through a press, push press, push jerk or split jerk.
  • Burpee box jumps: starts with chest and thighs in contact with with floor and ends with athlete standing tall on top of the box. Step-ups are permitted.
  • 30-minute time cap.
  • If you are time-capped, you will receive credit for all reps and calories/meters you complete as a team.

Mid_Sized_IAMADAPTIVE_Logo Charity Wod


Workout of the Day
As a team of two…

For time:
Station 1:
150 wall balls Rx: 20/14; Masters: 20/10; scaled: 100 wall balls 14/6
100 calories on Assault Bike (scaled: 75 calories)

Station 2:
75 shoulder-to-overhead Rx: 135/95; Masters 115.75; scaled 50 shoulder-to-overhead 75/55
2000 m row (scaled: 1300 m row)

Station 3:
50 burpee box jumps Rx: 24″; Masters 20″; scaled 35 reps to 16″ box
100 calories – ski erg (scaled: 75 calories)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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