May 31, 2017

10-8-6-4-2 reps of:
Bench Press
Supinated Bent Over Bar Rows

Then, 3 sets of:
8 Step Downs each leg (foot stays on box; controlled descent)
6 kettlebell overhead reverse lunges each side (all 6 done on one side and then switch leg and arm; kb on same side as front leg)
15 Banded Bridges (use small, thin red bands right above knee, maintain tension)

1 set of each side of:
1:00 Lizard Stretch
1:00 Pigeon stretch

Atlantic Regionals 

McKenzie is headed to Atlanta today for the Atlantic Super Regional…the

last qualifying stop before the CrossFit Games! Liz is in tow to coach and Johnny, Richard and Kerrie will be there cheering her on, along with her family.

Luckily, we can all watch live by tuning into the CrossFit Games site or the CrossFit Youtube channel. Check out this article with all the details:

McKenzie has tested all six events and there isn’t a movement she struggles with. She’s a seasoned competitor, as she’s been involved in high-level gymnastics and martial arts her entire life, so we know she will perform beautifully under pressure. Her nutrition is dialed in. She is ready.

It’s a rarity these days that a rookie qualifies for Regionals and we are

in awe of her on so many levels…her sacrifice, her stellar attitude, her drive and determination. The girl has got it all!

And a big shout-out to Liz, who has taken McKenzie under her wing, programming for her and coaching her to this level.

…two amazing ladies who are already winners in our book!


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