May 31, 2016


Spotlight – Dean Filippi

Our final May spotlight is dedicated to a “power couple,” Dean and Lena who are celebrating their first year at CrossFit Vero Beach.

These two are one of those couples that are so great to be around, as they are lots of fun and so supportive of one

another…you can feel the love! Dean is the laid-back one of the duo and

Lena is high-energy and oftentimes goofy (she snorts when she laughs!).

Dean came in with old injuries and mobility issues and it’s been amazing to see him transform the way he moves. He truly leaves any ego at the door and works hard to change his movements. Lena gives her all to every single workout and you can see the determination on her face every time! What’s more, she’s never neglected her fitness, even when working odd hours as a nurse and studying for the GRE (she just passed!).

Both competed in this past CrossFit Open, Lena even coming into be judged at 8 PM on a Thursday, right when the workout was announced, as she was going on a trip with her son’s school and that was the only time she could complete it.

Dean and Lena add a great vibe to the gym,

we are so happy they are part of the CFVB family!

Here’s more, in their words…

Dean – Lieutenant Indian River Fire Rescue (27 years)
Lena – Registered Nurse  – currently work at Sebastian River Medical Center.  I love being a nurse.  My motto as a nurse is “try to remind yourself  that You signed up to take care of someone on

perhaps the worst day of their live and You might be the only thing positive that could happen to them today”. I recently finished my BSN and

have applied to graduate school.  I have a true passion for nursing and I hope to become an ARNP.

Dean – My wife Lena, we’ve been married for 4 years this June. I have a Daughter, Alyssa. She is a Civil Engineer in Orlando, and a member at SUBU

Crossfit. Then of course the boys Austin the nicest kid and Aiden the charmer. I have three brothers and two sisters, I am the youngest of the 6.
Lena –  I am married to Dean Filippi (aka Deano and  the man of my dreams). Dean is an amazing husband, partner, and my shoulder to

lean on.  I have a step daughter, Alyssa.  She lives in Orlando

and is an engineer.  I have two sons, Austin (14 yrs. old) and Aiden

(11 yrs. old).  My boys hang the stars and the moon in my life, they

always keep me on my toes.  Most of my family lives in Texas. I am originally from Dallas. When I moved here I did not know anyone until I met Mallory Weatherly. She took me in and became the sister I never had.  Mallory and Phineas Weatherly are the family I have chosen and have been such a blessing to my family and me.

Favorite CrossFit movement or workout:
Dean – Metcon or Chipper, especially if it involves Air Bike 🙂
Lena – My favorite movement is probably hand stand push ups because I can almost do them.  I also like ropes because I CAN do them – I might be slow at them however considering I did not believe I would ever be able to do such extreme workouts due to an injury – I am extremely proud.  Every time I hit the black zip tie I cant help but acknowledge how far I have come. I do give credit to CrossFit for challenging me and helping me over come self doubt.

Favorite cheat meal:
Dean – Pizzoddles Pizza or Vitorio’s Chicken Parm Pizza
Lena – Mexican food – I mean real Tex Mex food – the only negative thing about Vero in my opinion is lack of multiple Mexican food restaurants.

Dean – Boating and Fishing
Lena –  I haven’t had much time for hobbies due to school and the boys activities.  But one day I would love to start painting and learn the guitar.

Little known fact about you:
Dean – I was in a firefighter calendar once a long time ago in a galaxy far far away
Lena – My real name is Cathyleen Laverne Watkins.  I’ve had the

nickname Lena since I was a toddler and did not know my real name until high school graduation.

image1-4 image2-4 image1-3

image2-5 image1-5

Workout of the Day
:05 (heats, stagger start)
For time:
1000 m row
50 double-unders
60 cal bike
40 double-unders
1000m run
30 double-unders

3 sets:
:30 hollow hold
10 GHD sit-ups
:30 plank

2 sets:
1:00 dragon
1:00 low dragon

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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