May 3, 2011


May 3, 2011

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Pound for pound, Lil' Rach is the strongest chick in the gym. She has made tremedous progress since she started and that is due to her "never quit" attitude, an attribute that positively affects her fellow CrossFitters at the 5 AM class.

Rachelle is amazing to watch in action – kipping, cleaning heavy weight, running like the wind…and usually while decked out head-to-toe in pink! Always focused, she spends time each day after the WOD working on her skills and goals. Lil' Rach is also a Paleo fanatic, and has affected change outside the gym by getting her co-workers and loved ones to also make the switch.

We could go on and on about how wonderful she is!

Meet, Rachelle…

Rachelle Dermody…..aka Lil' Rach
Tell me about your friends/family 
I grew up in Massachusetts.  Went to dental school at Tufts in Boston where I met my husband Chris (love at first sight!).  After four years of dental school and two years of residency, we got married, moved to Vero Beach and joined his Dad's practice.  We expanded the practice and my office is in St. Lucie West.  We now have three little girls:  Grace 7, Kate 5, and Erin 4.
How did you hear about CrossFit/CFVB? 
A friend of mine, Melissa Brodzinsky, kept telling me about this crazy, ass whippin' gym that she goes to…I thought she was nuts!  She told me to check out the one in Vero.  I did and now I'm hooked!  She now owns Crossfit Fort Pierce.  
Favorite WOD/Lift? 
Any type of clean (not cleaning the house!)
Least Favorite WOD/Lift?  
Eva and Shoulder presses…..ughh
Do you/did you ever play any sports before coming to CrossFit?  
Not your traditional sports….ice skating and ballet.
What do you do for a living?  
Pediatric dentist
What do you do for fun?
Going out to dinner with my husband, hanging out with the kids, camping, boating, going to the beach.
Favorite Paleo Food:  
Portabello mushroom stuffed with ground sausage and cauliflower served with marinara sauce…yumm, also paleo chocolate chip cookies
Favorite Non-Paleo Food:  
Chocolate chip cookies……what can I say I love cookies!

Your 2011 goal:  
You, in three words:  
On A Mission

Rachelle and her husband, Chris

Workout of the Day:

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


for time:
Deadlift 275/185
GHD sit-ups

12 Responses

  1. kristi

    Lil Rach is just amazing! From her awesome skills in the gym, to her optimistic attitude, to her fantastic fashion sense she is just incredible! I love wod-ing in the am with her and she is also very supportive when counting or watching. Love, love, love you Lil Rach!!!!!!

  2. Everybody loves Lil Rach, she is so positive, encouraging and just fun!! She does run like the wind and is ALWAYS working on her skills. She will get that muscle up this year for sure. She LOVES crossfit and of course I know she loves all of her 5:00am crossfit buddies. Love you Lil Rach!!! Go Pink!!!

  3. jenn

    Only worked out with Lil Rach a few times but
    she is def one tough cookie!
    Love your shoes Rach!

  4. Melissa

    LOVE YOU, RACHELLE!!!So glad you decided to drink the kool aid, too. Keep it up, girl…Muscle up is my goal too:)
    Love ya, Melissa

  5. Susan & Charlie Clendening

    Lil Rach you brighten our morning! I am always amazed at the heavy weight you are doing and with your determination you will have that muscle up in know time. It’s true what they say”All GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES”!!!

  6. Christine Huff

    Girl – you are so amazing!!! Tough cookie on the inside but the sweetest on the outside! Thanks for introducing me to Crossfit – and Paleo – and for sharing workdays with me as well. Lil Rach – “She loved life and it loved her right back!” Chris xo

  7. Tiney

    Whoo hoo Wendy let’s see if I can PR my deadlift! lol jk I don’t want to scare all the cats in town away like Rob said. Aww that was a sweet quote for Rach from Chris. =) I felt like I was getting to know Lil Rach but now I barely see her bc she works out when I am going to bed. I will say that I was amazed last week when she came in at 7pm to do the throwdown wod….AGAIN! She did it in the morning and misread the board and clean & jerked every one of them (which made the workout harder) and she wasn’t satisfied so she she came in the evening to re do it. Umm that’s insanity bc anyone who did that workout knows it was not easy. I was trying to Rx that one and quit in the 4th round bc my wrists were killing me. She is a super trooper!

  8. Lucy Lu

    Rach! It’s been while since I’ve seen you but I know that you will always be a supporter of everyone! I love your infectious attitude!

  9. Lil' Rach

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE CFVB!! And I love love love everyone there! That is what makes it such a great place. Wendy and Rob, thanks for putting your blood, sweat and tears into creating an awesome gym with an awesome atmosphere! CFVB has changed my life. I look forward to each workout and even enjoy waking up at 4:30am! Sound nuts, eh? Thanks for all the uplifting comments! I am so proud to be part of such a wonderful, dedicated group of people!

  10. Rebecca

    You’re the best Rachelle!!! Thanks so much for getting me hooked at CFVB! You REALLY are one inspiring woman!! Love ya!