May 28, 2015


May 28, 2015

Mobility Hacks 

Mobility work is just as important as the workout itself. Many of you are great at working at your mobility, but some could use help. For the latter group, some baby steps are offered below. These are a few easy tricks you can incorporate into your daily routine, even at work or home.

  1. Sit at the bottom of a squat for 3 minutes a day.
  2. Practice deep, diaphragmatic breathing
  3. Get inverted – lie back in a “legs on the wall” pose”
  4. Roll out your feet (2 minutes per foot) with a gold ball

You may be surprised at how these little tricks will improve your functionality!

Original article here: WELLNESS FX BLOG


Workout of the Day
For time:
800 m run
50 wall balls 20/14
400 m run
25 wall balls 20/14
200 m run
15 wall balls 20/14

Work on a skill/goal

Post-metcon mobility:
3 sets of:
:30 each leg Couch stretch
Foam roll lats and sides
Roll feet with golf ball

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.