May 22, 2017

6 x 1 power position squat clean + 1 above knee squat clean + 1 touch and

go squat clean + 2 front squats

6 x 3 power cleans from power position + 2 front squats

3 sets of:
12 steps reverse kettlebell front rack lunge (6 each leg)
12 weighted box step ups (6 each leg) with kettle bells in front rack
10 back extensions holding 10lb plate

3 sets of:
150ft suitcase carry (each arm)
:25 side plank left
:25 side plank right

2:00 each side pigeon stretch
1:00 each side couch stretch
2:00 frog stretch


Doing Something vs. Doing it Well 

I’ve been sitting on this blog topic for quite some time, wanting to choose my words wisely and not come off too harshly. As you all know, our coaching staff believes that we have a responsibility to improve the way people move. Instead of putting an emphasis on competition or whiteboard scores, we are more impressed with those who put in the time, effort and awareness of doing things correctly.

Last Saturday’s metcon included pull-ups, push-ups and air squats, three of the simplest movements we perform. We saw too many collapsed chests and disregard for depth on the squat and lack of range-of-motion/lock out on the push-ups. Instead of movement proficiency, many athletes were more concerned with the time on the clock.

Form us always more important

than speed. 

The same thing applies to exercises like the hollow body hold…are your arms and legs straight? Are you keeping tight? Is your lower back pressed

against the floor? Or are you holding what looks like a “dead cockroach” just to get through it?

Moving forward, I’d like everyone to look at each session as an opportunity to improve. Ask yourself…if I was on video performing this workout/exercise, would I be proud of the way I moved? If the answer is no, then slow it down. There is a difference between getting something done and getting it done well. We will always choose the latter.


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