May 21, 2013


May 21, 2013

 Advice from an Olympian

Chad Vaughn offers four area of focus in order to get better at the Olympic lifts.

First, he says to ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I need mobility work or am I at least somewhat comfortable in all the extreme positions for these movements?
2. Do I “rip” from the floor?
3. Do I hurry to set up or get into positions?
4. Is my mind overwhelmed or my thoughts scrambled from trying to accomplish too many things at once?
5. Do I need to calm down?

Full the rticle HERE

joel_front squat

Workout of the Day:

Clean & Jerk 7×1, any style (power or full)

30 reps for time:
Clean & Jerk  135/95

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  1. joePT

    There it is folks. Please take time to read the article as it is long and technical. There is potential to be gained by going deeper in your squat so let us all work on getting deeper. Come to the mobility classes and you can learn how. The coaches are ever present to help you to improve your technique. Help us figure out the cue/s that work best for you, the athlete.