May 19, 2106


to 100

I just read a little blurb in Health magazine that reported the number of centenarians has spiked nearly 44 percent in recent years. According to the Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention, you can increase your chances of living to 100 with the following:

  • Follow the MIND diet: put an emphasis on vegetables, some healthy grains and fish, while also limiting sweets and you may lower your risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • Work out harder: a recent study found that middle-aged and older people who do high-intensity exercise that makes them sweat may reduce their

    risk of dying early by up to 13 percent compared with those who do moderate activity.

  • Find a sense of purpose: researchers followed 136,000 people in the US and Japan for seven years and leaned that those who reported feeling a

    strong sense of meaning in life had a roughly 20 percent lower risk of death over the course of the study compared to those who didn’t.

So, clean eating + intense workouts +

feeding the soul may = a longer life! It’s worth a shot.

group row


Workout of the Day
Five sets of:
500m Ski Erg @ 85%
rest 4 minutes between sets

3 sets of:
10 each arm
Quadruped Reach & Rotate

Quadruped Rotation with Band Assist

Active Open Book

Goal/Skill work

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