May 19, 2018

We’ve raised over $3000 for The Special Olympics!

If you pre-ordered a CharityWOD shirt, they have arrived.

Please review the workout and the rules and standards and be ready to go at 8 AM! No regular classes today! 

2018 CharityWOD Workout

Boy/Girl Teams of 2, complete the following for time: 

Buy in:

3:00 max calories row

Directly into;

2 Rounds of:
20 Clean & Jerk RX 115/75; Masters 95/65; Scaled 75/55
40 Calories bike erg

Directly into;

2 Rounds of:
25 synchronized burpees to a plate
50 Calories ski

*Split work any way, one team member works at a time, except for burpees to a plate. For the rep to count, both team members must be on their plates at the same time.

*18-minute total time cap, including the buy-in. If you are time-capped, one second for reach rep and calorie will be added to your total time. 

*For each calorie achieved on the row buy-in, one second will be deducted from the team’s total time to arrive at the FINAL TIME!

Final Heats:


See You at the Anniversary Party at 1 PM! Rain or shine.

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