May 18, 2017

Teams of 2
3 rounds, each for time:
60 calorie row
60 calorie ski
*3 minutes rest between rounds

5 sets of :
:20 hollow body
directly into
10 hollow rocks
*rest between sets

2 sets of:
15 cat/cows
1:00 each side twisted cross
1:00 lumbar trunk rotations with legs on exercise ball

Reasons to Sign Up for CharityWOD

  1. It’s for a great cause
  2. Partner workouts are fun
  3. We’ve got some great prizes
  4. You can show off your fitness
  5. You will get a great workout in before relaxing, eating and drinking all day at the VS&C *8th anniversary party!

Sign up today (sheet in lobby). Need a partner? Let me know and I will find you one.


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