May 18, 2015


May 18, 2015

Welcome Harrison

We are happy to announce that Harrison Cady will be interning at CrossFit Vero Beach this summer. Harrison started his CrossFit training at CFVB, he has his CrossFit Level 1 Training Certificate and has since been studying at the University of Florida (College of Health and Human Performance).

He’s a smart guy and a great athlete, competing several times in Vero Beast as well as the Boy/Girl Team Challenge as a partner with Liz.

You will see him in many of the classes, including Teens and Kids, and he will also assist in some Fundamentals. We are pumped to have Harrison helping us out during our busy summer season!


Workout of the Day
Barbell drills/warm-up

Every 2 minutes for 14 minutes/7 sets:
2 power cleans
– work up to 95%

Split Jerk
– work to 90%
– use racks

5×2 Pause front squats
– 75-85%
– 2 second pause at bottom of squat

AMRAP in 6 minutes of:
20-calorie row
30 double-unders

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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