May 17, 2019

2 sets –
:20 frog stretch 
5 plate squats with band above knee
5 T-spine openers
5 overhead plate stretch
+ trainer led barbell warm up

5 Sets of:
2 push jerk + 1 split jerk @technically load

Set 1
1a. Back squat 4-6 reps @70%
Rest 20sec
1b. Back squat 2-3 reps @70%
Rest 20sec
1c. Back squat 1-2 reps @70%
Rest 3-5 minutes 

Set 2
2a. Back squat 4-6 reps @65%
Rest 20sec
2b. Back squat 2-3 reps @65%
Rest 20sec
2c. Back squat 1-2 reps @65%

9-minute EMOM of:
minute 1 – :20 Plank
minute 2 – : 20 Hollow hold
minute 3 – 4 V-ups to Tuck-ups 

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