May 17, 2013


May 17, 2013

Today and Beyond

Today marks the end of our 6-week front squat-focused cycle. It is by design that many of you are PRing your squat cleans, as the front squat is the receiving position of the clean.

Today we test our 1-rep max on the front squat. If you have been putting in the work, you should squat more today than your old max (what you’ve been basing your working percentages off of).

Next week will have some fun! We will test several max lifts and we will also perform various CrossFit benchmark WODs.

Who PR’ed today? Post your old and new front squat weights to comments.

Amy and Gigi have “Prowler Legs”…

IMG 2794 from CrossFIt Vero Beach on Vimeo.

IMG 2796 from CrossFIt Vero Beach on Vimeo.

Workout of the Day:

15 minutes to find your 1 RM front squat

Behind the Neck Jerk DEMO VIDEO 5 x 1

Three rounds  for time of –
7 snatch, any style 145/100
10 push-ups
2 rope climbs

19 Responses

  1. Jenn

    I’m glad no one was there to film me failing double unders like it was my first day. Prowler legs are the worst!

  2. Tara

    I don’t know if it counts as a PR, but I did the most I’ve been able to do since I had the babies….#140.

    Kelsey killed her last PR!

    1. crossfit

      That definitely counts, Tara…you had a rough pregnancy and comeback after those little suckers. Great job!

  3. John Y

    235 to 245 pr. Liked Eric C music this am. The bell was ringing a lot at the 6 am. Hope it keeps up all day!

  4. crossfit

    Other PRs I saw (and remember) this AM…
    Peyton (drop-in from Georgia, PR’ed by 15#)

    Who did I miss?

  5. Matt Harrelson

    Music selection this morning was a definite motivator!!! METAL for breakfast ROCKS!!! old front squat PR 225….new front squat PR 255!

  6. Christina H

    Awesome job, everyone!!! There are some huge PR’s today! Mine was a 5 pound improvement… 145#.

  7. Addie

    I did!! From barely being able to lift the freaking bar two months ago to completing a 85# FS on Wednesday!

  8. Trevor

    Guess it was a PR. Never went over 145 before Fs. Did 195 yesterday with the encouragement from Greg

  9. Amy

    I was out of town so I am just going back through what I missed….So oh my this video is terrible. That was so hard!!!Prowler legs.

    I went up 5 pounds in my front squat on Monday.

    135 to 140!