May 16, 2013


May 16, 2013


The Southeast Regional starts Friday. Who is headed down to West Palm Beach to watch? Brooks is a judge.

Over 5000 tickets have been sold to our Regional event. The gold level tickets for the CrossFit Games in LA, which gives access to all events, sold out in an HOUR on Tuesday. It is insane to see how this sport has grown!

photo 3
Congrats to Joel! Emilee Cristina Molinari; 9lbs 3oz; born Sunday 5/12/13.

Workout of the Day:

4 sets, each for time of –
100 m Prowler 100/50
25 double-unders
10  burpees
– rest/recover between rounds

Midline – 3 sets of:
1 minute plank hold (if 1 minute is easy, add weight)
10 good mornings


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  1. joePT

    Congratulations to the Molinaris on their new bundle of joy! Yesterday’s squat clinic was a success. Everyone saw more depth in their squats. Simple tips on tissue mobilization, ideal positioning and knowing the difference between the front, back and overhead squats was learned by all. Anyone else interested in the squat clinic or would any of you prefer another topic?

  2. Nanda

    Congrats Joel!!! I would be interested in another squat session Joe… That would be next Wednesday?

  3. Joel m

    Thanks!! I would like to come to the squat session also joe. I need to see if I can make wed pm. Where is sign up sheet?

  4. joePT

    Sign up sheet is at the lobby. I’m not putting a cap on this class so the more the merrier. Do bring your own lacrosse ball if you can. Time to PR your squat and learn how to get out of the hole during those pesky cleans and snatches.

  5. crossfit

    I’ve narrowed the girl’s shirts down to the two I think are the most original/fun…please vote and I will get this going.

    It’s Not Just the Men Who Can Get it Up (graphic of woman doing a jerk on the back of shirt)

    – or

    Swole Sista (across chest area of shirt, in a scrolly/feminine font)

    PS – Thanks to Heather M and Rana for the ideas…whosever we use will get a free shirt.