May 14, 2015


May 14, 2015

Why CrossFit Works

(Guest post from Liz)

While I was instructing a new member during Fundamentals, one of out current athletes encouraged the person by saying, “it will get easier. You’ve never done any program as effective as this in your life.”

This got me thinking.

Most of you can attest to this statement, but do you know why CrossFit is so successful at producing results? I believe there are several main reasons.

CrossFit is defined as “constantly-varied, high intensity, FUNCTIONAL movement” – full range of motion squats, jumping, running, pushing, pulling. These are things we would did if we still lived in nature. Our bodies respond well to this type of stimuli because it’s what we were made to do.

Since most of our members attended other gyms before joining CrossFit Vero Beach, they would most likely agree with me that the community is unmatched. Most of us attend the same class time; therefore, we see the same people every day. These people become less like other gym members and more like friends. Every day we come in and grind out these seemingly impossible workouts together. There is something bonding about this. Gone are the days of dreading going to the gym. We all look forward to going into work hard while connecting with our friends. People are more likely to stick to an exercise regimen if they are enjoying what they are doing.

Lastly, it is a fact that you will push yourself harder in a group setting than you would alone. We all have that one person we either use as a gauge, try to keep up with or beat. CrossFit brings out our competitive nature. Consciously or subconsciously we push ourselves a little bit harder trying to keep up with “Mary Lou Who” than we would doing the exact same workout on our own.

What are your thoughts about why CrossFit works? Post to comments.



  • If you’ve checked out Paleo books and have had them for a few weeks or more, please return.
  • Parents: please keep your kids off the floor and equipment before, during and after classes. This is for the safety of everyone.
  • Warm up! Each day, we post a different warm-up on the board, USE IT!
  • Check the lost & found – everything will be tossed out next week.

Workout of the Day
Six rounds for time of –
Run 200 m
25 sit-ups (full ROM: back to mat, chest to thighs)
30 double-unders

Gymnastics holds
– 3 sets of:
wall-facing handstand holds (hands directly under shoulders, not wide) for quality
:40 arch hold (Superman)

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

2 Responses

  1. Tara

    For me it is definitely the competitive atmosphere and good company, but also the change in daily routine. I was never able to be consistent in a regular ‘ol gym cause I would get so bored and had no one there to push me. I’ve been with Rob and Wendy since they opened and have never been bored with it!

  2. RFiore

    I am in agreement with all points mentioned in Liz’ post. What makes me feel good is that you can challenge your self, succeed, and feel satisfied that you can fill your lungs with air, drench your clothes with sweat, see results and share your success with other athletes. It seems everyone is equal in one way or another, no matter how strong you are.