May 13, 2015


May 13, 2015

Important Post for Parents 

No doubt, raising kids is hard. Have you ever said…

“My kids are picky, that’s why I feed them ______” (fill in the blank with some sort of non-nutritious convenience foods)

“I’m so tired after work, so I let them ______ (play videos games, watch hours of television, etc.)”

In order to set your kids up for a healthy future, you must feed them the right things, get them to move, and ensure they get enough sleep. By the time we’re adults damage is done, bad habits are set and are hard to break.

Read more about this subject from Mark’s Daily Apple here:



Workout of the Day
Five rounds for time of:

2 weighted muscle-ups 10/6 medball
4/2 strict deficit handstand push-ups
5 front squat 205/125

5 muscle-ups
6/3 strict handstand push-ups
5 front squat175/115

Scaled & Masters 55+:
10 pull-ups
7 handstand push-ups (kipping or banded)
5 front squats 155/105 (Masters 55+ 135/85)

*scale workout as appropriate

Band protocol
– At knee, ankle, around feet

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Lisa

    So obviously you have been looking in my windows at night and know all my bad parenting habits… I feel like my picture is a want ad for bad parenting 😉