May 12, 2016

How to

Bail a Lift 

Knowing how to miss a lift is ultra-important in order to stay safe. Although you are all given instructions about bailing in Fundamentals, reminders are always helpful, so please read on…

The Clean or Front Squat 
This is the simplest lift to bail. Simply release your grip and drop the barbell while jumping backwards so that the bar doesn’t land on your thighs or knees.

The Snatch
If the load is caught too far in front, actively push the bar forward as you jump backwards. If the load is behind you, extend arms backwards and jump forwards. These tips also apply to the overhead squat.

The Back Squat
If you get caught under a back squat and cannot stand, release your grip,

push your head and chest up and pop the bar off your back, jumping feet forward. DO NOT attempt to throw the barbell forward over your head.

The Jerk 
If the barbell is moving forward, jump back while pushing the bar away; if the barbell is moving backwards, jump forward away from the weight.

Misses happen, but knowing how to safely bail will give you confidence and keep you and your fellow athletes safe. If you have any questions about how to bail, ask one of the coaches and we can demo for you. Here’s to safe lifting!


liz jerk

Workout of the Day
Four sets of:
5 x :30/:30 Air bike
rest 5 minutes between each 5-minute set 

2 sets of:
10 quadruped reach and rotate each arm

10 quadruped rotation with band assist

10 wall slides with foam roller

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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