May 10, 2018

2 rounds, increasing pace per round, of:
:30 Air Bike
:30 Row
:30 Bike erg
:30 Ski

Every 6:00 minutes for 12 minutes
1000 meter row
Max calories bike erg

Rest 3 minutes

Every 6:00 minutes for 12 minutes
1000 meter ski
Max calories air bike
(Split anyway, one person works at a time; the score is total calories

from all sets)

4 sets of:
12 Wall dead bugs
:20 Hollow hold
5 V-ups to Tuck-ups

Ski Erg Technique

We see some common faults when using the Ski Erg, please read below. Cleaning these up with result in more efficient skiing!

  • Fault: heels are off the platform. Fix: both feet should be entirely on the platform to drive more power.
  • Fault: improper sequencing of movements and too much of a hinge. Fix: initiate the power with your arms, then abs (think hollow body) and then bend your knees. Don’t simply bend over.
  • Fault: disengagement of the arms/lats. Fix: keep arms slightly bent

    the entire time. Don’t lose tension at the top or bottom of pull, then have to reengage each pull.

  • Fault: Scooping the handles behind you. Fix: Arms should end by your thighs. Don’t burn out your triceps and waste motion with too long of a


For more in-depth information, check out this video:


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