May 11, 2011


May 11, 2011

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Debbie is a sassy, Texan, man-eater! She's been at CFVB for almost two years and we've seen her grow into quite the CrossFit beast. Her job has her traveling a lot so she gets to visit other affiliate gyms across the country – and we know she represents us well. One of my favorite visions of Deb is when she and Don competed in the Boy/Girl Challenge…they were the #1 crowd pleaser!

Smart, funny, positive, hard-working and hard-playing…that's our Debbie D!

Debbie Devore 
Tell me about your friends/family:
I'm a native Texan that was displaced to Vero nearly 4 years ago when I took a new job.  My mom moved out here with me (then back to Texas, then back to Vero…long story).  My dad is still in northern Texas and my brother and his family live in northern Illinois.  I am a fabulous aunt to their 5 children (well, the fifth is due any day).
How did you hear about CrossFit/CFVB?
My best friend and I were eavesdropping on a couple of guys trying to impress some girls at an outdoor cafe in Orlando.  They were talking about CF and great it was.  Lisa took the plunge first and ended up at CF Evolution.  She immediately called me and said that I would love it and had to try it out.  I did, and I did.  Now I can't imagine anything else.

Favorite WOD/Lift?

Power Clean (thanks to much better form courtesy of Brian)
Least Favorite WOD/Lift?
Front Squat, wall balls, Fight Gone Bad 
Do you/did you ever play any sports before coming to CrossFit?
Nope.  I was a band geek in high school and went to a Marine Science college that didn't even have a gym.  (though we had a water slide park that was great for parties!)
What do you do for a living?
I work for the US Fish & Wildlife Service.  I used to be a practicing marine biologist.  Now, I am the Gulf Coast Restoration Program Manager and cover from Louisiana to Florida.
What do you do for fun?
 I love to travel and do pretty much any outdoor activity.
Favorite Paleo Food:
Thai curry dishes (w/o the rice…just ask the guys at Kata, they know!)
Favorite Non-Paleo Food:
Beer, Tex Mex 
Your 2011 goal:
There are so many!  HSPU, Ring dips
You, in three words:
You're gone again?


Workout of the Day:

Another double-header!

For time:
Box jumps 24"
Power Snatch 75/55
Chest-to-bar pull-ups

– Rest approximately 5 minutes

Three rounds for time: 
2 muscle-ups
4 power cleans 155/105
6 pistols

16 Responses

  1. Tiney

    I totally pegged you as a band geek! lol Oh what to say,what to say? Debbie is one of my favs. I must say this is the first member profile where I have been speechless. Debbie was one of the first friends I made at Xfit. From day one she has always been encouraging. She was the only xfit friend to show up at my birthday last year where she thought I had no friends. lol Debbie D you are one of a kind. You are a great friend and xfitter. I love you. I think I popped your member profile cherry.

  2. Kristi

    Debbie Deb!!!! You are awesome girl! You have a fun sense of humor and are always so supportive and upbeat. You have improved so much and are getting stronger and faster by the second. Thanks for being you Deb!!!!!

  3. Jennifer Budde

    Love working out with Deb! She is always pushing me
    and telling me to do more weight! Lol.. I hope to be able
    to Rx something along with her’s been
    so much fun getting to you Debbie.. You are a real 6 pm bad ass!

  4. Tara

    Double D is awesome. She motivates me everyday and definitely keeps me on my toes. I can hardly keep up anymore! She’s got a great attitude that rubs off on everyone around her.
    My only complaint is her idea to do the 100 day push up challenge. 🙂

  5. Mrs. Kanuckles

    A haiku for Debbie:
    Debbie’s snatch is large
    Her shirt will confirm this fact
    But we still like her.
    Debbie, forgot to add in that she tested highest in her kindergarden class on the assessment test. Her mom told me so.
    Not only is Debbie a great motivator in the gym.. she is also a great friend.
    P.S. and a smart ass.

  6. don

    Debbie is wonderful! I miss her everyday she is gone from the gym. She always brings her smile and challenges me constantly to keep getting better. Love her forever.

  7. Debbie Deb

    Awe shucks. You guys are the best…and probably the only reason my social life hasn’t completely shriveled up from living in Vero.
    Mental note…never invite my mom to the same party with folks who will use childhood information against me.

  8. Lucy Lu

    Lovin me some Debbie D!!!!!! I have had fun getting to know her both inside and outside of Xfit! Always challenging me!! Love the comraderier in the gym. And you gotta love the crawfish boil. Looking forward to more fun times!

  9. Lil' Rach

    When I first started crossfit, I went to a 6pm class and was feeling a bit intimidated. Debbie was so cheerful and friendly that it eased my uneasiness. Thanks! You’ve got such a great personality and attitude!

  10. Tiney

    Oh come on Lil’ Rach, am I really that intimidating?? lol jk 😉 It was probably Mrs. Kanuckles see through workout attire that intimidated you. We love you Debbie D!

  11. Everybody loves the doo rag!! It’s been great getting to know you, and from all the comments I know you are alot of fun!! It was awesome watching you and Don compete in the boy girl challenge.

  12. Charlie and Susan Clendening

    Deb you and Don were awesome at the Boy/ Girl team challenge ! We love ya Debbie D you’ve got heart!! Oh and you also make a mean party punch!!

  13. Greg

    I always miss Debbie when she’s not at the 6pm class. She inspires me when she Rxs the workout or pushes me to keep going. I never mind finishing behind Deb cause she is such a badass!