March 7, 2012


March 7, 2012

"Everything is Everything"

The quote above was used at the recent training camp I attended. What is means is that every movement we use in CrossFit applies to everything else we do in this sport. For example, a front squat isn't simply a front squat, it's the receiving position for a squat clean. It's also the same movement as an efficient wall ball. It's also the bottom of a thruster.

The "pop up" portion of a burpee translates to the hollow body portion of a toe-to-bar. A handstand push-up is a press – keeping your core tight and not arching your back is crucial in both movements.

The point is this: it's important to mindfully perform CrossFit movements. We've been programming skills into the warm-up so that you get more time practing them. Don't just do the warm-up simply to warm the body. THINK about what you are doing. This mindful practice will result in good habits. Then, you will be less likely to "get ugly" while under stress in a timed WOD.

So, use your warm-up to your advantage. Think about what you are doing. Reinforce good movement. Everything is everything!

 WOD 12.3 is announced at 8 PM tonight at!

Greg, Don and Jim A – Masters!

Workout of the Day:

1. Rack Jerk (split) 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

2. Three sets of (untimed)
10 heavy wall balls to 10' target
10 strict pull-ups

3. For time: row 1K

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  1. Jenn B

    Dang those are some fit dudes! Don def showing how’s it’s done with that 225 lbs front squat the other night. These guys are amazing! The guy on the left is super hot!