March 6, 2018

2 Rounds of:
:30 Air bike
5 Hang cleans (bar/light weight)
5 Push presses
15 Double-unders/singles

For time:
5 Power cleans RX 135/95; Intermediate 115/85; Master 55+ 95/65
5 Shoulder-to-overhead
30 Double-unders (60 singles)
15/12 Calories air bike

7 Power cleans RX 155/105; Intermediate 135/95; Master 55+ 105/75
7 Shoulder-to-overhead
40 Double-unders (80 singles)
20/16 Calories air bike

9 Power cleans RX 185/125; Intermediate 145/100; Master 55+ 125/80
9 Shoulder-to-overhead
50 Double-unders (100 singles)
25/20 Calories air bike
15-minute time cap heats of 8

For time:
5 Hang power cleans
5 Push presses
30 Single-unders
12 Calories air bike

7 Hang power cleans
7 Push presses
40 Single-unders
17 Calories air bike

9 Hang power cleans
9 Push presses
50 Single-unders
20 Calories air bike

2 sets of:
150ft farmers carry
:45 sandbag hold

2 sets of:
10 cat cows
1:00 box stretch

Member Spotlight – Michele Maholtz

Michele is so easy to write nice things about! Rob and I have known her for over a decade, as we were members at the same boxing gym many moons

ago. We’d pass each other in the early morning and she was always friendly and radiated warmth and kindness. Since that time, Michele has been through a lot, most significantly breast cancer, and we are happy to call her a survivor! Throughout her ordeal, she demonstrated grace, strength and positivity. It was truly awe-inspiring to witness her will and

commitment to her profession, personal life and health.

We look forward to seeing Michele each morning at the 5 AM class. She balances both CrossFit classes and Structure and we’ve seen her build a tremendous amount of physical strength in the past few months. Despite her early 4:30 AM arrival time at the gym, she’s upbeat and fresh and greets us with a smile. In and out of the gym, I’ve been able to count

on her for so many things. 

Fun, smart, dedicated, adventurous and klutzy (definitely klutzy!)…that’s our girl, Michele! Here’s more…

Occupation:  Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Physician
Family:  Husband Tom and Max the quirky corgi!!
Go to Music:  If I was working out on my own I would probably listen to good old rock and roll but I have to admit that I really like the music we work out to at the gym!!  I would have never thought that

but its true!

Favorite Crossfit workout:  I actually like all the workouts.  Love that its always different, but I have to say that I am really enjoying the structure workouts
Final meal:  Ice cream.  I know that’s not a meal but I’d eat ice cream!
Hobbies:  camping, hiking, biking, piano, gardening, photography, travel.   I like everything!!
Little known fact:  I met my husband under water in South America.


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