March 3, 2011


March 3, 2011


The results of the first online "Throwdown Series" competition are in and CFVB killed it! 164 men and 100 women participated from 72 CrossFit gyms across the world. Rachel got 2nd place overall, Marco for 3rd place overall and I (Wendy) got 5th place overall! What's more, because our athletes are so bad-ass, our team placed 3rd!

Rx participants who contributed to the team ranking include the three people above, plus Chris H, Dan, Jesse, Neil, Charlie, Justin and Elliott. GREAT WORK!

Olympic Lifting is ON this Saturday at 10 AM.

Paleo is making the national news!

 Workout of the Day:

Push Press 3-3-3-3-3


As many ladders in 5 minutes of:
Thruster 135/95
Box jump 27"

7 Responses

  1. Tiney

    Congrats to everyone on the throwdown, that is awesome! I watched that segment when it aired on ABC. Meat fest!

  2. Chuck Geyer

    YO and some mad props to wendy getting first one the 2 minute challenge for overhead squats. CFVB has become quite the elite gym and is certainly making a name for itself.