March 30, 2011


March 30, 2011

CrossFitters in Key West

Brad and Amanda are vacationing in Key West all week. So, they're not working out, right? WRONG! Amanda has emailed me their WOD each day…they are running, jumping on walls, doing burpees, air squats and sit-ups. We love it!

And what we love even more, is that they stopped for photo ops. Check out the guns on Amanda:

Photo 1 
Workout of the Day:

Perform 2 squat cleans on the minute for 10 minutes. Use 75% of your 1-rep max

Front squat 5-5-5-5 (using same weight as above)

7 Responses

  1. Just got an email from Amanda. Here’s an example of what they’re doing:
    WOD::Day 3
    Run .5 mile
    Then 10 rounds of:
    10 Push ups
    10 Wall jumps
    10 One legged squats
    Run .8 mile

  2. Mrs. Kanuckles

    I’m so excited Amanda and Brad have joined… I just knew if they tried it one time they would be hooked!!
    Cute picture!

  3. Warren

    Hello Crossfit Vero Beach – I am back to the cold weather in Boston after two fantastic weeks of weather in Vero Beach and two weeks of great workouts at CFVB. I just wanted to write and say thank you to both Rob and Wendy for their usual hospitality during my two weeks there. It was great to see familiar faces – Bryan, Diane, Charlie, Sue, Rachel (Little and Big), Kristi, Bethaney, Sandy, Dan, Chris…and some great new (for me) faces, Marco, Elliot, Jared, Betsy, Brad, Amanda, Johnny…I think I have covered most everyone. You guys have a great community there and I love spending a couple weeks with all of you. Marco, you have great hair as well – hahaha and you are a freakin machine. Keep killing it and I know you will do well in the Games. Wendy, Charlie and Rachel good luck to you guys as well. I check the CFVB site every day, so I look forward to keeping in touch during the year until next March. And Rob, forget about Open WOD #1, you will kill Open WOD #2.
    P.S. Marco, you need to get some of those blue lifting shoes I have. They are you Brother! Miss you Bud and keep kicking ass!

  4. Tiney

    Sorry Warren, Marco prefers pink. :/ I am also sorry that you didn’t get to meet me…I mean that I didn’t get to meet you.