March 3, 2016

Member Spotlight – Becca Clement

You’ve all seen her. She drags in around 5:30 AM, swigging a 5-Hour Energy. Bleary-eyed, she proceeds to get on a bike to warm-up, smirking at who-knows-what. She suddenly comes to life, just in time to perform the workout like a total beast, often taking her shirt off to display super-ripped abs. Post-workout, she chugs Dark Matter and hangs out for another hour or so wagging her blue tongue, often taking general conversation to an uncomfortable place. That’s our girl, Becca!

All kidding aside, we couldn’t imagine the gym without Becca. She has a great sense of (very off-color) humor that adds an element of fun to each morning. Once you get her talking about “real stuff,”, you realize how smart and kind she is. A former gymnast, she’s the best mover in the gym and was part of our CFVB girl’s team at WODAPALOOZA in January. She also competed as a part of Vero Barbell’s lifting team at our first team meet. On top of all this, she’s a total freak of nature, maintaining her sleek physique on a steady diet of fast food and desserts on the regular.

More on Miss Beckie…

Occupation: Student at IRSC/Receptionist at The Moorings

Family: Laura (Mom), Chris Sr. (Dad), Chris/Jon/Matt (brothers), Bandit (dog/arch nemesis)

Favorite Crossfit Movement/Workout: Full Cleans and Muscle ups

Favorite cheat meal: I consider “cheat” to be a very loose term…but if I had to put my finger on it, I’d go with burrito’s of any variety, and Chikfila nuggets with as many packets of Chikfila sauce as I can hold at that moment.

Hobbies: napping, watching SVU w/ mom, playing cards, playing piano, playing horseshoes, shooting firearms, bowling,  pole “fitness,” pick up soccer games, DIY projects that I rarely finish, rip-sticking,

people watching, creating bizarre scenarios, reading about mental health disorders, climbing quality trees, general thrill-billy activities (hunting, mudding, etc..), hood-ratting with woes, adventuring w/ my niece

Caroline, and pretty much adventuring in general.

Little known fact about you: I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with

The Lord of the Rings and own a life sized cardboard Legolas that stands at about 6 ft. tall.

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Reminder: Don’t forget to watch the reveal of 16.2 on the CrossFit Games website at 8 PM!

Workout of the Day
:05 (heats of 10)
200m Row @100%
200m @50%
Total 2000m, record total time

– rest 12 minutes

200m Row @100%
200m @50%
Total 1200m, record total time 

Goal/Skill work

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