March 23, 2017

2 sets of:
5 Air bike :30/:30 85/50%
5 Row :30/:30 85/50%
rest 10 minutes between sets

2 rounds of:
:30 arch hold
20 abmat situps
:30 arch hold


Don is the bomb! He and his wife, Betty, are celebrating a year at CrossFit this month. Don seems to really enjoy learning the lifts

and is always open and appreciative of coaching. He’s a dedicated family man and he’s upbeat and fun and seems to know everyone! 

We are glad to have him as a solid part of the gym. Here’s more on Don…
Occupation: Admin Manager at City of Vero Beach, Public Works Department (37 years). Within the City limits we provide landscape maintenance of all the parks, restrooms and grounds; maintenance of the various buildings and facilities (except water,sewer and electric); maintenance of the City’s roads, drainage and street signs; maintenance of the City’s vehicles and equipment; residential and commercial garbage collection; engineering design, survey and GIS systems.
Family: Wife Betty (40th Anniversary in May) , sons Daniel (35), Jason (32). Betty and I grew up in the small west central Illinois town of Macomb but did not meet each other until we took a class at the local Community College. We married in May 1977 and moved to Vero Beach just a few months later in August and have been here ever since. Daniel and

Jason both live in the area.

Favorite CrossFit movement or workout:  AMRAP or timed exercise combo’s when your

hitting different muscle groups. I am still challenged, especially by the gymnastic type movements and appreciate the scaled options. What I really like is that Betty and I can do this together and with the help of the coaches modify the workout to fit our abilities and skill level.

Favorite cheat meal: Pot roast with homemade noodles and mashed potatoes, granny smith apple pie (actually pretty much any kind of pie), chocolate moose-tracks ice cream (actually pretty much anything with chocoate), fresh homemade bread/rolls.
Hobbies: hiking, yard therapy, music (play bass

in church worship band), our dogs, recreational cycling

Little known fact: as a teen, Don was threatened with military school twice!


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