March 23, 2016

16.4 Recap

Awesome job to all on 16.4…how are those

hamstrings feeling? Everyone gutted this one out. Starting the workout with 55 deadlifts sure set the tone for the rest of the movements. I have to say that I am especially proud of the people who were on the fence about Rx vs. scaled and decided to stay safe…you displayed great sportsmanship with no ego and, in the process, you got a good workout.

Team CrossFit Vero Beach now sits in 22nd place in the region. 16.4 was our best finish so far, as we placed 16th overall.

Hans and Marco still sit on the first page

of the leaderboard in the Southeast, with Hans at 27th and Marco at 55th.

At the end of the Open, the top 200 Master’s athletes in each division compete in the Master’s Qualifier to determine who makes it to the Games. We have a few athletes in good positions to make it to the next level. They are:

  • Chuck- currently 10th out of around 1,500 athletes in Men’s 60+
  • Diane – currently 73rd out of around 1,200 athletes in Women’s 60+
  • Wendy – currently 44th out of 14,020 athletes in Women’s 40-44

Although the Teens don’t have a qualifier (the top 10 in the world go directly to the Games) our teens are doing awesome!

  • Moselle (aka “Kitty”) is sitting at 182 and Molly at 237 out of over

    1,100 girls age 14-15

  • Zach is currently 164th of over 2,700 boys age 16-17.

I hope everyone is having fun with the Open. I speak for all of the coaches when I say it’s been both fun and inspiring to watch all of you. And it’s not over yet!

molly moselle
Molly and Kitty

Workout of the Day
:05 (heats of 10) 
For time:
50-40-30 reps of:
Double unders
Row – calories
Air Bike – calories
20-minute cap

3 sets of –
:30 Arch hold (Superman)
15 Abmat sit ups
10 Back extension
rest 2 minutes between sets

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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