March 22, 2017

For time:
3 rounds of:
30 calories air bike
3 rope climbs
3 rounds of:
20 calories skierg
40 double-unders (80 singles)

2 rounds of
20 calories air bike
8 bar rows
2 rounds of
15 calories skierg
50 singles

3 sets of:
10 ab wheel roll outs
:30 L-sit

3 sets of:
10 cat cows
1:00 box stretch

**REMINDER: If you are registered for the Open and can’t

do 17.5 on Friday at 5:30 PM or any class Saturday, you MUST make an appointment to be judged at another time. BUT, please make your best effort to make the designated times. (We had 18 people that had to be judged this

past Monday and it takes coaches away from the class).

Also, remember to submit your scores and take a photo of your scorecard with your phone so you have the correct tiebreak time and final result.

Thank you!


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