March 21, 2011


March 21, 2011

Change to the CrossFit Open

The recently-launched Games website, where athletes post scores and everyone is ranked, has had its share of technical problems. Because people have not been able to use the site as it's intended, CrossFit HQ is allowing an extra week for athletes to perform WOD 1 and post their scores. In the meantime, they are working on fixing the bugs.

What does that mean? Well, now WOD 2 won't be announced for another week (on Tuesday March 29). So, the entire online competition will end a week later than originally planned. So, this coming Saturday will not be a qualifier WOD. But have no fear…it just so happens that it's time for another Throwdown Series WOD!

Regarding WOD 1, everyone did a great job this past weekend. As of now, we've got several athletes in top spots. Thank you to everyone who judged. It was also nice to have a group stay to watch and cheer. What a great kick-off!

Workout of the Day:

Two rounds for time:
500m row
10 clean & jerk 155/105
15 handstand push-ups (8 for women)
20 toes to bar
40 wall balls 20/14

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