March 20, 2015


March 20, 2015

CharityWOD Update

A week and a half remains to submit a charity that will benefit from our event. Email details like mission statement, population served, campaigns, etc. by March 31 to [email protected] . We will review all of the applicants and make an announcement on April 3.

As far as the workout portion of CharityWOD, please review the standards below for team of two male/female:


  • combined age of 85
  • C&J working weight: 115/75
  • Thruster working weight: 85/55
  • Wall balls 20/10 to 10′
  • At least one team member must have pull-ups (kipping allowed)


  • C&J working weight 135/95
  • Thruster working weight 95/65
  • Wall balls 20/14 to 10′
  • At least one team member must have pull-ups (kipping allowed)


  • C&J working weight 75/45
  • Thruster working weight 45/35
  • Wall balls 14/6 to 10′

Sign up at the gym – a registration sheet will be in the lobby. Make sure to choose a team name!

NOTE: If you would like to compete and need a teammate, shoot me an email with your division and I will match people up. Once we choose the charity, you will seal the deal with cash or a check made out to the charity.

This is going to be great! And don’t forget our 6th Anniversary party that afternoon at 1 PM.

Charity Wod


Workout of the Day
Three rounds for time of:
400 m run
21 burpees
500 m row

Midline – 3 sets of:
10 GHD sit-ups
10 back extensions, 2-second pause when chest is parallel with floor

Wall-facing handstand holds
– Accumulate 3 minutes with PERFECT form. If you feel your form degrade, take a rest. TECHNIQUE over TIME!

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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