March 2, 2016

Barbell Shoutout
Blog post from Liz…

My favorite two hours of every week are spent coaching Vero Barbell. I have developed a passion for the sport of weightlifting and immensely enjoy the opportunity to weekly work with a wide variety of skilled athletes. Whether it is the advanced member or beginner I enjoy the challenge of refining their technique and skill level. Each day presents itself as a learning experience for myself and those who attend my classes.

I proudly claim ALL of my barbell athletes. Their devotion to their training and development motivates me to continue to learn as much as I can as an athlete and coach. In this post, I would like to highlight a few who have really benefitted from consistently

attending weekly classes.


Eric Johnson
Eric has consistently attended barbell classes since the beginning. He has been a Crossfit Vero Beach member since the dawn of time, but I have watched him blossom into quite the lifter since starting barbell classes. Eric is a work horse and trains his tail off every session. His technique has improved drastically since we started working together. I even joke with him that he needs to teach me how to lift some time. I am very proud to claim him as an avid barbell attendee.


Molly Metcalf
Molly will soon be out lifting all of us. This young gun not only has age

on her side but, her determination and eagerness to improve are unmatched. She is always pushing her limits and putting in the extra time to develop as an athlete. When we first started working together, Molly snatched an ugly 45 pounds. Her most recent snatch PR is 90 pounds, accompanied by much better technique.

jason nance row 2 vinnie snatch

Jason Nance and Vinny Burke 
Let’s be honest, I can’t shout out to one without the other. These two are attached at the hip. Coming to Crossfit Vero Beach as talented triathletes both were riddled with mobility issues that stalled their development in CrossFit and especially weightlifting. Since starting

barbell, they have both worked to address this outstanding issue. Meanwhile, they have also been devoted to improving their technicality with the lifts. I had to make special adjustments to their development due to their limited mobility. For example, Jason has issues with his set up on the floor due to tight hips. As a result, we spent countless reps working from a hang position. He is still working to improve his range of motion but, his lifting has dramatically improved and he is headed in the right direction to be a very proficient lifter.

Barbell classes are for everyone. Any and all skill levels are welcome. No matter if your goal is to gain strength, technique, or just improve your ability to lift in CrossFit classes, attending weekly barbell sessions will help. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30.

Workout of the Day
:05 (heats) 
3 sets, each for time @100%effort
25 calories – AirBike
10 Power Snatch 115/75 Masters 55+ 75/45
– rest to recovery between sets

3 sets of –
12 Abmat sit ups
8 Knee Raises

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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