March 15, 2018

2 rounds
10 steps, walking lunge with lizard stretch
10 scapula pull-ups
:30 row
10 bend and touch toes (dynamic hamstring stretch)

3 sets of:
3:00 buy in 200 meter run both partner at same time
Rest 1:00
3:00 Max effort calories on ski
Rest 1:00
3:00 Max effort calories on row
Rest 1:00
Score is total calories; one person works at a time; split anyway

1 sets of:
200 meter sandbag carry
50 abmat situps

18.4 & Open Update

Tune into the Games website tonight for the announcement of 18.4!

Congratulations to everyone…we are more than half-way there! We had some great moments last week, like first muscle-ups (Laura and Vinny) and first pull-ups (Ingrid and Emmalee)! McKenzie remains on the top – 4th in the region and top 30 in the world; Moselle, Chuck and Wendy are in a comfy spot to move on to the Teens and Masters Qualifier; and Dolf, Bonnie and Drew still have a great chance of making it, too!

We hope that everyone is happy and having fun!


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