March 14, 2016


Spotlight Power Couple Edition – Will Waters & Christiana Cranwell

Will and Christiana have been CrossFitters

at our gym for three years and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed them both!

Christiana, admittedly, was never an athlete, but she really has thrived in our program. Super friendly and quirky,

she works out at 7 AM and has become friends with everyone in class. We know her career has her extremely busy, but she still finds time for her workouts. She’s sarcasticly-charming and very upbeat and even walks with a peppy little bounce in her step.

Will throws down with the 9:30 AM crew and

can usually be found stripping off his shirt, even in cold weather…it’s

become his “thing!” Tall and manly, he also has a soft side, as evidenced

by the love he shows his two teacup-sized dogs. Will is competing in

his first CrossFit Open this year and we are really proud of him for putting it all out there like that!

They both have been great supporters of CFVB, always participating in events and cheering on their gym buddies. More on this dynamic duo…

Will: Corporate Pilot
Christiana: House flipper, Realtor and Kitchen cabinet distributor

Family: Isabella and Lilly the Yorkies. Amanda Delesalle: sister and fellow crossfitter

Favorite CrossFit movement or workout
Will: the shirtless snatch…or just being shirtless
Christiana: All of it! I proudly wear my CF gear all over town advertising that I am a member. I’m stoked I can climb a rope and do a real push-up

Favorite cheat meal
Will: Turkey dinner with Oyster stuffing and small batch bourbon
Christiana: Pizza…and nachos! And wine!

Will: Anything to do with planes. He’s grumpy if he’s not flying regularly
Christiana: I love renovating the homes…it’s a hobby I get paid to do. Will and I also like to take day trips in search of great places to dine.

Especially cold water oysters.

Little known fact about you
Will: Spent years working in the Middle East
Christiana: I worked at the NSA and used to be a Spanish Cryptologic Linguist for the Air Force

IMG_0022 IMG_0011 IMG_0004 WORK III 003


Workout of the Day
Barbell drills/warm-up

Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes/5 sets: 5 Push Jerks
– pause in the catch position for 2 seconds
– 45-65%

5×5 Back squat @ 65-75%

3 x 10 Inverted Bar rows
3 x 8 each arm Dumbbell rows

Three sets of –
:30 Plank
:30 Hollow hold
15 Abmat sit ups
– rest 1 min between sets

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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