March 14, 2012


March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear…

Joe! I can speak for everyone by saying we appreciate all of your knowledge and time given in healing our aches and pains. We love your off-color sense of humor. And we smile when you wear deep V-necks. CFVB wouldn't be the same place without you.

Patty and Joe, Team "B!+ch, that WAS a rep!"

The Justados

Workout of the Day:

Three rounds for time –
800 m run
50 sit-ups
25 KB swings 55/35 (regional standard, completely vertical)

– rest

3 x 8 strict weighted pull-ups

16 Responses

  1. Lucy Lu

    Joe, wishing you the happiest birthday!!!! Thank you for all your passion in your work. Very lucky to have you as a friend!!!!!

  2. Rizza

    You made him smile last night with this post, Wendy. He was wearing his deep V “Trans Am” t-shirt out to dinner last night too:). Can’t help but love that boy!!!!

  3. Kristi

    Happy Happy Birthday Joe!!!! Thank you for your laughs, wisdom, tape jobs, and painful, yet much needed rub downs.

  4. joePT

    Thanks all for the birthday greetings! I can’t believe Wendy posted our saloon pic (Filipinos have been in US since the 1400’s – fact). I have nothing smart or witty to say so I’ll just say that I feel loved at CFVB and it’s not too bad turning 33 for the tenth time over. Liz, I AM the man!

  5. joePT

    ….actually, Rob’s the man. Thanks Wendy and Rob for the bad ass shirt (it fits!)and the bad ass mother effing (it’s says so on it) birthdays card! Thanks again for all the greetings everyone.