March 11, 2016

Did You Know…

…that our very own Chuck Sullivan (you know the multi-year Games athlete/running phenomenon/party host) has qualified for the 2016 National Masters Weightlifting Championships?! That’s right!

He and coach Liz will be traveling to Savannah, GA March 31-April 3 so that he can compete with the best in the nation in his age and weight class. Chuck has been logging lots of hours, working hard on his snatch and clean and jerk, all while also competing in the Open where he is currently sitting in 10th place worldwide in the 60+ category.

Congrats to Chuck!

chuck wod face

Workout of the Day
3 Sets, each for time, of:
500 m Row
50m Sled Drag 90/50#
200 m Run
Rest 4 minutes between sets

Lower Body Mobility – 3 sets of:
:30 each leg, banded hamstring stretch
:30 each leg, pigeon stretch
1:00 frog stretch

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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