March 11, 2011


March 11, 2011

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Jim A. just celebrated his two-year CrossFit anniversary – he's been at CFVB since week two and is an integral part of the gym. In fact, we have the priviledge of having the entire Atherton clan as members.

You can always count on Jim for corny jokes and one-liners. And you can always guarantee that he will go the distance in a WOD, often ending up with bruises, rope burns and scrapes (must be his rugby roots). The guy doesn't give up!

Friendly. Generous. Always up for a party. And supportive of everything we do. Meet, Jim A…

James Atherton
Married to Margaret, daughter Grace, son Jack. We all love Crossfit and are trying to eat Paleo as much as possible. 

How did you hear about CrossFit/CFVB?
Read a description of it in Rugby Magazine. After I hurt myself training for a half-marathon, I thought I'd check it out, and started doing what I could in one of the local globo gyms. When I saw Vero Beach listed on the Affiliates page I was ecstatic. 
Favorite WOD/Lift?
Filthy Fifty/Deadlift

Least Favorite WOD/Lift?
Kalsu without a doubt, see
/Overhead squat
Do you/did you ever play any sports before coming to CrossFit?
I've played golf since I was 3. Played roller hockey from junior high thru high school, ice hockey and rugby in college. Started running in college. Played rugby for 12 years post college. Ran/jogged until I found Crossfit.
What do you do for a living?
I have a PhD in medical physics; I provide consulting services to Radiation Therapy treatment centers.

What do you do for fun?
Cooking, eating, wine/beer tasting, reading, golf.

Favorite Paleo Food:
Any kind of meat or seafood.

Favorite Non-Paleo Food:

Your 2011 goal:
Muscle Up
You, in three words:
Worst Case Scenario?

Jim and the two Margarets (wife on the right)

FREE WOD Saturday at 9 AM

Workout of the Day:

Five rounds for time of:
20 Back squat, 135/95
Handstand walk 20 yards

8 Responses

  1. kristi

    Jiiiiiim is one of my faves at the gym 🙂 such a character and such an animal.
    So very sad to be missing the wod. Handstand walks are my favorite! Looking forward to being back in action Monday.

  2. Tara

    Jim is awesome!! Great person to talk football with. He will follow through with any bet you make him too!

  3. It’s been great getting to know Jim and Margaret and their family. Jim definitely gives it his all in a wod. I think I’ve seen him pretty beat up after some wod’s, but he’s still loving it!!
    Kristi, we all miss you. Rachelle and I were trying to catch up with you in the handstand walk today, pretty sure we’re not there yet so don’t worry.

  4. kristi

    Thanks Diane! Miss you guys too 🙂 Think I might try out your 8 am class next week since it is spring break.