Make it a Non-Negotiable

Once November 1 hit, we’ve been sending more “where have you been” emails, texts and calls to our members. We get it…family members come to town, holiday parties abound, happy hours are more frequent and stress is high. But, you can’t let your fitness suffer!

Your workout should be a non-negotiable. It will help you relieve stress, build the muscle it takes to help burn more fat, give your mood a boost, increase your energy, keep your weight in check, help with sleep quality and more!

If you see your schedule stacking up over the next several weeks, here’s what you do:

  • Make a pact with yourself that you will work out X number of times per week.
  • Literally schedule chunks of time in your calendar each week. Make an appointment with the gym and keep it.
  • Link up with someone at the gym and make a “date” to workout – accountability is powerful.
  • Pack your workout bag, your food, set your alarm, rep-set your coffee maker, get to bed early…what ever it takes!

The busiest people at our gym also happen to be the most consistent. No excuses! We have showers at the gym if you need to be somewhere after your workout session. We are open as early as 5 AM and have loads of classes all day. We are kid-friendly and your children can sit at the table to do homework, read or play on a tablet. You can make it happen.

Don’t let the next month or so get away from you. You can do a lot of damage, but you can also emerge from the holidays unscathed!



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