Just over 4 weeks to regionals


Just over 4 weeks to regionals

In a bit over a month, regionals will be held in Jacksonville. If you are planing on going up to support CFVB and watch some amazing athletes from all over the southeast, make your plans now. Events will be held Friday, May 28 – Sunday May 30. Masters and team events will begin on Friday afternoon; individual events begin on Saturday. If you can, plan on staying through to Monday and celebrate with all of us Sunday night!

Register as a spectator here: TICKETS (2 tickets for $50 for the entire weekend)

Here is the hotel that we are staying:

Candlewood Suites Extended Stay Hotel Jacksonville
East Merrill Road
$79.00 Standard room, all rooms full kitchen, pet friendly (New hotel just opened)
3.1 miles SW of venue
2700 Jane Street, Jacksonville, FL 32225
(904) 744-1244
(888) 226-3539

If you'd rather search for a different hotel, as you don't require a kitchen, here's the address of the event venue:

Ed Austin Park aka Police Athletic League of Jacksonville
11751 McCormick Road
Jacksonville, FL


Workout of the Day:

For time:
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
10 Muscle-ups
40 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
8 Muscle-ups
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
6 Muscle-ups
20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
4 Muscle-ups
10 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
2 Muscle-ups

15 Responses

  1. Bryan and I are registered for the games and already booked at the same hotel. We will be there through Monday to help celebrate with all of you. We are really looking forward to watching all of you compete.
    Today’s wod was a tough one for me because I am not a fan of the wall balls. But the more I do them the better I am getting at it.

  2. Kristi

    Nothing like 150 wall balls to welcome you back after doing lots of celebrating and no crossfitting for 10 days. Feels awesome to be back though and I am ready to get back to it!
    I am planning to definitely go and watch the competition on that Saturday and I am still figuring out the rest of the weekend 🙂 I can’t wait to see CFVB kill it!

  3. Kristi – welcome back! Can’t wait to hear all about your cruise.
    What the hell happened this AM? Maybe power outages cause alarms not to go off? I know that no one would intentionally avoid wall balls!

  4. RachelleD

    Someone should of called me….my power went out last nite. Didn’t wake till 7am….OOPS! Will try and make tonite.

  5. Christine

    Welcome back Kristi, can’t wait to see the honeymoon pics! I’m hoping to be able to come to Jacksonville and cheer everyone on and then celebrate! As much as I HATE wall balls, let alone 150 of them, I would much rather come in and do them then feel like I do right now. 🙁 Hopefully I can get in the gym at some point this week.

  6. Debbie D

    I’m really not complaining, but rather drawing attention to the killer leg workouts on Mondays? I know it’s taken me numerous days to recover (i.e., walk like a normal person) for the past 3 weeks. Definitely out of the comfort zone 🙂
    Christine – what’s up with you?
    Kanuckles – I’ll be nice and not say anything about Alex’s feet. 🙂

  7. Pee Pee Police

    Wanted: Person on strong mulit-vitamin who feels that thier WOD time is more important than flushing.
    Facts: Male — Known because no toilet paper was used.
    Takes supplements — Very yellow pee pee
    Pee’d during a WOD — Known due to WOD going on.
    Wrap up – If it is necessary to stop during a WOD to pee pee… you have time to flush.

  8. Christine

    hahaha ^ is too funny! Pee pee police…they probably improved 1 whole second on their WOD time. lol