June 27, 2016


June 27, 2016

Where in the World is Rob? 

Your fearless leader is in San Diego working with renowned movement coach and founder of StrongFit, Julien Pineau. He will be shadowing him all week at CrossFit Invictus to learn philosophies, programming, exercises and techniques that will result in better positions and stronger athletes. When he returns, we will work with our coaches to relay this information so that everyone at CFVB will benefit.

Check out StrongFit at http://www.strongfit.com

mike g ski erg
Mike G.


Workout of the Day
Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes:
5 deadlifts + 10 push-ups
-Not meant to be rushed through, quality movement
-Deadlift at 60-70%

3 sets of:
50m suitcase carry
50m overhead kettle bell carry
-both exercises performed with 1 hand, switch at 25m mark

3 sets of:
8 strict pull-ups with 3 second eccentric/negative (no pause on top)
8 (per arm) 1-arm dumbbell press (focus on bracing)

2 sets of:
1:00 box stretch
daniel TJ box stretch
1:00 twisted cross each side
twisted cross

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