June 21, 2016


Today’s post is from Rana Khan, our resident yoga instructor, super mom and CrossFitter extraordinaire…

The practice of therapeutic yoga builds mental focus and enhances the mind-body connection. Its emphasis on what you are feeling physically and mentally, as well as the practice of focusing energy, can be directly applied to Crossfit, helping

to prevent injuries and perform better. Yoga increases flexibility and range of motion, improves balance, and cultivates deep, relaxed breathing. The practice of lengthening the muscles while deep breathing helps to release accumulated stress and anxiety that are stored in the body as physical tightness and tension. 

In addition to instructing

you through the asanas (postures), you will learn to engage in conscious relaxation and the release of tension. After practicing, you will feel light, calm, and renewed. 

You do not have to be “bendy” to practice yoga! I offer variations to fit the needs of your body. Yoga is excellent for improving flexibility, but it is also a form of meditation (“meditation in motion”) which, if practiced regularly, can help to develop inner strength and resiliency, and can improve all aspects of your life. 

Join me for yoga every Saturday at 10 AM. Bring a yoga mat and a friend!

Cost: $5 members $10 non-members

christina glute bridge

Workout of the Day
:05 (heats of 7 with 10-minute

stagger start)
For time:
100 calorie row
100 double-unders
5 rope climbs
50 calorie ski
50 double-unders
3 rope climbs
*22 minute time cap
Note: bring socks if you are going to climb the rope; arrive on time to get a good warm-up (even if you aren’t planning on being in the first heat!)

2 sets of
:30 hollow body
:30 left plank
:30 right plank
:30 plank

1:00 saddle stretch
1:00 frog stretch
:30 (each leg, each direction) 3-way hamstring stretch

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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