June 17, 2014


June 17, 2014

Vero Beast III

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for November 15 – Vero Beast III!

This year is sure to be better than ever. For starters, we’ve signed an agreement with an online scoring provider so we will have scoring in real-time online!

We are in the process of organizing our committees (volunteer, media, equipment, etc.) and will put out a call for volunteers and judges in the coming months. If anyone would like to lead the sponsorship effort (getting prizes), please send an email to [email protected]

Here’s the highlights video from last year’s event:

Workout of the Day
:00 (first heats will start at the beginning of class)
2 x 4 minute AMRAP of:
Row 500m
In remaining time, as many Wall balls as possible (20/14)
– rest 4 minutes between AMRAPs

2 x 4-minute AMRAP of:
30 cals on Airdyne
In remaining time, as many Burpee box jumps as possible (24″/20″ )
– rest 4 minutes between AMRAPs

*your score for each AMRAP is the number of wall balls or burpee box jumps you complete 

Midline – 3 sets of:
:30-second hollow body hold
8 glute-ham raise

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.