June 15, 2016



A couple of our members have brought our attention to some fitness-related vacation opportunities on the horizon. One, a CrossFit cruise, will take place at the end of the Summer. The

other, an amazing bike tour of Italy, is slated for next Summer. Read on for more information and how to participate.

Cycling Trip in Italy

One of our members Ray Comparetta is organizing a cycling trip to Italy in June 2017 with Vermont Bicycle Tours (VBT). Ray has been on five VBT tours in Italy and would like to have a group of 16 to 20 CFVB members, spouses, and friends. Here are the highlights

and comments about the trip:

  1. Cycling in Italy is a trip of a lifetime. The scenery is beautiful, the cities and villages are steeped in history, the motorists are respectful, the food and wine are phenomenal, and the Italians are very friendly.
  1. VBT is a well-organized, all-inclusive, yet low cost tour company that offers exceptional service, 4-star hotels, nice bikes, complete travel

    arrangements, and a diverse itinerary.

  1. The tour includes one day in the arrival city, five full days of cycling, and one day in the departure city. However, most people opt for the

    trip extension adding two days before and/or two days after the tour in amazing cities.

  1. There are two Italian guides who are like family members and offer van support, snacks, bike care, and guidance. They even carry your luggage

    from hotel to hotel.

  1. Based upon Ray’s 2014 experience the trip we are considering

    is the “Lake Garda to Venice” (Pre-trip in Verona, post-trip in Venice). It is rated “Easy to Moderate” and is suited for beginners or avid cyclists. There are also optional afternoon rides to add more kilometers. For those interested we can visit a CrossFit gym in Verona.

Please check out the VBT website for “Lake Garda to Venice”:

Ray is available to meet with interested members individually or with a group. He has been on this tour, has a slide show of photos, and can answer all your questions. He has taught himself Italian and will make sure everyone on the trip has a great time and maybe even gain a few pounds! (772) 473-0656 –


Ray cycling through a cherry farm

Hotel on Lake Garda

Fit Life Cruise 

Bill and Andy will be attending The Fit Life Cruise from September 2-6. The boat (Norwegian Cruise Line) leaves from Miami and goes to the Bahamas. The itinerary is packed with workouts, workshops and parties. For all the information, visit: 

And here’s a recent article with a discount code at the bottom: 



Workout of the Day
:05 (heats of 7)
AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
20-calorie row
2 rope climbs

rest 10 minutes 

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
15-calorie ski
10 shoulder-to-overhead 135/95; Masters 55+ 115/75

3 sets:
:30 GHD back extension hold (chest parallel to floor)
15 Abmat sit-ups
1:00 plank

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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