June 14, 2018

2 sets –
:30 Row
5 burpees
10 lunge to twist
10 toe touches

300 Calorie Row
*every 2 minutes both partners must complete 5 burpees*
*only one person works at a time, split anyway*

3 sets –
10 Windshield wipers
:30 hollow hold
12 Kettlebell dead bugs

1:00 Saddle stretch
1:00 Lizard stretch

Sign Up for Dodgeball 

Our 2nd Dodgeball Tournament will be Saturday, July 28 at 2 PM. Sign up at the gym by July 14. No cost to participate! After July 14, we will assign teams and captains.


That night is also our annual Girl’s and Guy’s Night Out. The girls meet at a spot, the guys at another…then we all convene later in the event for a big ol party. We are taking it back beachside this year.


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